Automatical bench for the test of geared pump.

The machine has been expressly realised to carry out the running-in phase and the test of the geared hydraulic pumps with pressions up to 250 bar. The bench is equipped with control panels (to allow the operator to control the process) and with two LCD monitors for the visualisation of graphics and values during the test.

The pump assembly line interfaces with the machine and the pumps are incerted into the bench by the pallet and then they are loaded through  a manipulator. The manipulator takes in charge a pump, places it in one of the 4 test emplecements of the bench and then it replaces the pump on an unloading pallet at the Banco di Collaudo Pompa a 4 Stadiend of the test. The results of the test are saved in a database shared with the production line.

Representation of two automatic benches


Detail of the manipulator during the loading on an emplacement


Test Emplacement