Bench of pre-assembly and assembly of special seeger on two typologies of pistons. The bench consists of two adjacent and indipendent emplacements of manual pre-assembly and automatic assembly. The procedures that the authorised personnel has to follow for the proper functioning are provided by video JES (Job Element Sheet) on the HMI.


The automatic loader machine has been expressly realised to load the unrefined pieces and to unload the pieces worked by the grinding machine. The unrefined pieces are taken by a rectangular matrix pallet and they are replaced in the same position at the end of the work. The pallets are hand-loaded at the entrance and then they are automatically transported…


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Always in line with the continuous evolution of this sector, Alca Sistemi will offer solutions to support this progress and to meet specific demands of the customers.


Thanks to its longtime experience and to its constantly updated technical knowledge, Alca Sistemi is able to offer different services and an extended range of products concerning the hydraulic sector.


Alca Sistemi has always collaborated with companies of this sector, dealing with planning and realisation of pharmaceutical machinaries.


The best way to achieve billant and satisfying results is to attend on the customers and to collaborate with them, in order to solve possible problems or to supervise the correct development of a productive process.


To address the market lack of electronic products, Alca Sistemi provides for the planning and the realisation of the electronic boards, at the request of the customers, in THT or SMD technology equipped with next generation micro-processors.


Alca Sistemi programs and installs artificial vision systems in the industrial sector to recognize and to measure particulars of production following customer specifications.


To all its customers ALCA SISTEMI offers the telephone helpline assistance and the support of technical qualified staff by remote connection.


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